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  1. Hello sir. My name is Andrea butts. I listened to your heartbreaking post concerning the daughter at the airport in Florida. I am very serious about it! It makes me angry. I just dislike idiots wearing a badge. It angers me. They need to be held with high high expectations. When you put on that badge you are wearing it to serve people protect them. It is such a horrible thing for people to do this kind of ignorance to people. I truly truly truly hate bad cops worst in the Lord hates sin! I am just so furious with the recent past and not so long ago events that I’ve been witnessing either on television or over the internet. I feel that something needs to be done more so about these things that they are doing in the way of throwing their Authority around. Also, I think with a high high burning in my soul the way they speak to people should be more professional. Profanity cursing bullying and badgering people is not right. I watch the police in Florida slam lady around for no reason at all. She called to report a gun being drawn in her face. When he got there it was very apparent that he got there with intentions of being a bully to the victim. He did everything and anything in his power to get this lady to say or do anything in the way of against the wall. He got angry because she behave and conduct herself very intelligent considering what she had going through. He kept cutting her off and putting words in her mouth when she was trying her best to explain what had happened. Then told her she was the one that needed to be corrected and chastise. I was so mad with this man, I’m never the one to seek Vengeance. I always say let God do that type stuff. But I cannot promise you that I would not personally if I could find a way to get away with it, do something to this guy. It ain’t me and arrange me that much. I have first-hand information about the HPD. Some of the things that they’ve done to people I know personally. Normally is young people of color. Do things that I’m feeling they want or don’t have the means to challenge them or take them to court. The ones that have gone to court it has been thrown out. These judges have to know that these cops are crooked and people not lying on them. They beat up on one of my nephew’s for no reason at all. Playing there was no camera footage in the jail area which is a lie. 25 or more people angry Furious and enraged. They were either employees such as janitors afraid of losing your job inmates afraid of retaliation other officers for the ones that didn’t jump in of the five or six to beat him up for no reason at all. They were afraid I just felt like they would mind their business. Sir I am glad that you spoke up. God bless your daughter for her sacrifice of her summer break a spring break to go help underprivileged children. I hope that this horrible act did not break her spirit. God bless you. I would love to know how I can help. They need exposure. My email may not be working. Whereas I never use it. Only to have my account with Facebook. But I am in North Carolina in. And my name is Andrea butts

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