Living the Vision by Faith!

Join us for our 1st Church and Pastoral Anniversary Celebration!

Living The Vision by Faith
Sunday, November 29, 2015
1844 N. 32nd. St
Philadelphia, PA 19132

9:00 AM Speaker
Rev. Dr. Damone B. Jones, Sr.
Senior Pastor
Bibleway Baptist Church

3:30 PM Speaker
Pastor Robert W. Shipman, Sr.
Senior Pastor
Prince of Peace Baptist Church

Anniversary Flyer

One thought on “Living the Vision by Faith!

  1. We are NOAH’s ark stationed in Washington dc. Contacting you today in reference to the video in regards to your daughter. Remember what Jesus Christ said, “pick up your cross and follow me”, he also said ” put up your sword, the battle belongs to him” and finally remember the 58th chapter of Isaiah (6-14). Remember the Sabbath, sunset Friday to sunset saturday.

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